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A special Holocaust "Hagadah" for Passover edition

Hi, I'm Shimon, CEO of Yadezer Lehaver, Israeli NPO established in 2001 and engaged in support of Holocaust survivors. Did you now, that only 54 percent of adult around the world have heard about the Holocaust? Did you know that most of young people around the world just have not heard about the Holocaust? Memories about Holocaust just disappear. For me these memories are not just some abstract memories, these are personal memories of people who survived in the Holocaust, people who I help every day. So, I'd like to ask you to participate in our project. We will prepare special books of "Hagadah" for Passover edition, which would include exclusive art work קרא עוד
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Thousands of food parcels for Rosh Hashanah were distributed to the needy in an enormous operation by the ‘Yad Ezer Lechaver’ Foundation

. Leading up to Rosh Hashanah 2015 the ‘Yad Ezer Lechaver’ Foundation launched and worked on an enormous, extensive and unprecedented operation
The Foundation works day and night, and even a long time before Rosh Hashanah they began organizing logistically, comprehensively and extensively the packing of food parcels for families in need, Holocaust survivors, single mothers, homeless street dwellers, the elderly and others who are not able to afford to lay out the Rosh Hashanah table with food. The food parcels with an estimated value of as much as hundreds of shekels, were assembled and packaged by the foundation’s staff and by the great support of dozens of volunteers, among them soldiers, those doing their national service, residents of the foundation’s ‘Warm Home for Holocaust Survivors’, and many more.
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Delegations from Germany and Russia arrived for a visit at the ‘Warm Home for Holocaust Survivors’

A number of days ago, two delegations arrived from abroad for an exciting visit to the foundation’s village of kindness. The delegations visited the ‘Warm Home for Holocaust Survivors’ of the ‘Yad Ezer Lechaver’ Foundation. The first delegation arrived from Germany, dozens of people from the delegation attentively listened to the chilling testimonies of a number of Holocaust survivors who live in the ‘Warm Home for Holocaust Survivors’. One of the most emotional things during the course of their visit was the testimony of 97 year-old Holocaust survivor, Ms. Shoshana Kolmer. The delegation was given a comprehensive overview of the foundation’s village of kindness and the ‘Warm Home for Holocaust קרא עוד
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Haifa Home For Holocaust Survivors

ICEJ meets some of the first tenants
http://int.icej.org/content/haifa-home On a recent visit to the new Home for Holocaust Survivors which the Christian Embassy is helping to establish in Haifa, an ICEJ AID team found workers busy putting in a new elevator and fitting rooms with a fire alarm system. Amid these important finishing touches, a handful of elderly survivors were starting to move their belongings into place, anxious to begin anew in this special assisted-living facility operated by the local Israeli charity Yad Ezer L'Haver ("Helping Hand to Friends"). On a recent visit to the new Home for Holocaust Survivors which the Christian Embassy is helping to establish in Haifa, an ICEJ AID team found workers busy קרא עוד