Ceremony of scholarships to students

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  3. Ceremony of scholarships to students

Words I gave yesterday scholarship ceremony pay homage to the late Naomi and Mark , Larry Gross late , my late Robbins , Aaron Piper and the late Rosa Sabag .

מילגת לימודים

מילגת לימודים

My name is Michael , brother of Naomi Volovsky, brother in law of the late Mark Biano .

My sister lives of Naomi , Mark Biano husband and another 21 victims were cut off in a moment, bloody terrorist attack in 2003 that cut and destroyed families , children, women , fathers , grandparents .

Naomi and Mark Biano married in 2001 , young talented and promising – a lovely pair of warm and full of the joy of human life . Exemplary family members , people who always was pleasant company , the smile , optimistic. Like you want to be next to them and absorb their personalities and personal Kismm couple, and from one another.

Mark was a graduate student in communication and also fulfilled his dream of becoming a journalist and worked as a reporter for the Northern Metropolitan Television in " News Today" Hot local ( cable is represented by then) – " our investors and devoted husband " , said system. The last three years of his face and his voice became an integral part of the North releases from the television tonight. Among the many bylines , covered and promoted Haifa socio including the beginning of the way of association friend a helping hand .

Naomi Schabowski dear sister , studied business administration while working at a College clover and was responsible for the area of ​​Internet and computer graphics. Naomi was the personality and inner and outer beauty unusual sense of humor who could not leave one indifferent to her presence – Everyone who knew her loved her and was impressed by her flamboyant , assertive , yet bursting with tenderness and joy of life extraordinary . Never complained and only known to support and strengthen all she knew , among them me – I had an exceptional nurse and her beautiful smile and big blue eyes shining in my head every day as if it is fine by me , right here and now.

Was beloved by college students clover, many friends and family .

Early age Naomi was beautiful child in the classroom, but also accepted that supported the weak , and stood firmly beside them , this is just one feature of many that I admired her – a good heart , soft and charming smile and generous to everyone around impeccable.

Naomi met Mark more from her military service and the special bond was formed between them at first sight – married at a young age , did everything together and how it's tragic , they also died together holding each other 's arms.

Naomi married Mark when she was only 24 years old . Two extended honeymoon in – the U.S. and the Caribbean . On Thursday in October , 2003, Mark filed last news flash . On Saturday afternoon, a section of the terrible attack the plans of Mark and Naomi – both murdered side by side . Minutes after the attack edition producers tried to find him – Mark was usually covering such events at that time beat us often . When people were unable to locate him , came to the event and were surprised to find his car parked in the arena and placed ahead of them. , But were stunned when discovered that he and Naomi were among the victims.

Hand Foundation helped a friend opened at that time the child's home , whose goal was to provide a fast efficient all welfare problems of students in Haifa – enrichment , homework help and a hot meal , a warm and embracing .

After the death Shimon Sabag decided to call the child home department established right at the time the name – memory and commemoration of the two young men did for the community and those in need .

Although I knew the work of Mark many social issues through them articles and stories on TV , I did not know the organization helping hand to a friend who was then at the beginning of its activity , and the contribution of Naomi helped on its way for the association.

After the terrible attack , I was introduced , I and my family countless exciting stories that flowed to our house for Naomi and Mark , including activities association helping hand .

I particularly remember a meeting held by Simon association – a ceremony that really moved me it is a sign commemorating the child in their name and I can not ever forget where I was introduced to Shimon and also the charity helping hand .

A few years later I decided to continue their journey and contributions of Naomi and Mark for the organization helping hand , and I contacted Simon Sebag . I suggested to Simon take a helping hand forward , to rebuild it and thus promote the interests of the association and to perpetuate the memory of Naomi and Mark website. Simon was very excited when he met me, and ever since there between us warm .

Great honor fell to me the right to contribute to the organization and to stand here and express these exciting things for two people so dear to my heart, and the opportunity to provide a scholarship in the name of Naomi and Mark dear young people starting out – a scholarship to help in their studies and their future . "

Michael Volovsky