A special Holocaust "Hagadah" for Passover edition

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  3. A special Holocaust "Hagadah" for Passover edition


I'm Shimon, CEO of Yadezer Lehaver, Israeli NPO established in 2001 and engaged in support of Holocaust survivors.

Did you now, that only 54 percent of adult around the world have heard about the Holocaust?

Did you know that most of young people around the world just have not heard about the Holocaust?

Memories about Holocaust just disappear. For me these memories are not just some abstract memories, these are personal memories of people who survived in the Holocaust, people who I help every day.

So, I'd like to ask you to participate in our project. We will prepare special books of "Hagadah" for Passover edition, which would include exclusive art work and personal Jewish receipt of Holocaust survivors.

Cost of the printing and edition is $23,800.  I believe, you will enjoy  reading this book.

In order to donate for this book, click this link: