Employees of the "Strauss Group" prepare a pampering healthy breakfast for Holocaust survivors

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  3. Employees of the "Strauss Group" prepare a pampering healthy breakfast for Holocaust survivors

Last Tuesday, the 18.6.2019, we had the pleasure to host a large group of employees from the "Strauss Group's" purchasing department, located in the Bar-Lev industrial zone near the northern city of Karmiel. They arrived at the Kiryat HaHessed neighborhood of the "Yad Ezer l'Haver" organization in Haifa in order to prepare a pampering and healthy breakfast for Holocaust survivors , residents of our " Warm community" . The employees of "Strauss Group" volunteered as part of "Strauss Group's" social commitment project, which started as a family legacy and turned into the guiding spirit of the entire group. It is a commitment based on a long tradition of caring and genuine partnership with the various communities."Strauss" employees visited us as part of Strauss CARE Corporate Responsibility Week 2019, their way to make a difference for the better in the communities in which they operate. Their activities are dedicated to volunteering experiences, learning and communication surrounding sustainability agenda and will focus in two main areas: Encouraging and educating for a healthy life-style and a balanced nutrition as well as discussion and familiarization with diverse communities. Their mission to improve people's lives is created together with people and with the help of the communities in which everyone lives. Every year, Strauss employees throughout the world stop their day-to-day activities and embark on voluntary activities for the benefit of the other. This year, they chose to dedicate a full week of June 16-20, and allow each unit the flexibility to volunteer at the most appropriate time. Thus, on Tuesday, June 18, the employees arrived at the Yad Ezer L'Haver community.
At the beginning of the Strauss Group visit to the organization, the volunteers gathered in the organization's social club where they received a comprehensive survey of the organization and its activities and the life achievement of the founder and CEO of the organization, Mr. Shimon Sabag. Mrs. Rachel Leeoz, the Strauss Group purchasing manager told us about the company policy to teach communities about healthy meals, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. During their visit, the company's employees prepared a pampering healthy breakfast for our Holocaust survivors. Residents who were unable to attend the exciting meeting due to their age, were delivered their pampering breakfast to their residence by Strauss Group volunteers. Later our generous guests visited and toured the Holocaust and Rebirth Museum, which we have recently established.The Founder and CEO of Yad Ezer L'Haver, who was also present at the visit, said: "It is not at all self-evident that Strauss employees have left their day-to-day work in order to arrive and prepare a healthy breakfast for our Holocaust survivors. Mr. Sabag gave the guests his book, "A Living Testimony," which recounts the heroic stories of our resident Holocaust survivors. Towards the end of the meeting, the Holocaust survivors presented the Strauss Group volunteers with a certificate of appreciation for the amazing and pampering day they had offered them so generously. Before they left, the Strauss group volunteers invited all the Holocaust survivors to be their guests and visit the Strauss Visitor Center in the Bar-Lev industrial zone near the city of Karmiel.It should be noted that today, Strauss is the largest food company in Israel and has a global presence in more than 20 countries worldwide. Strauss merged with Elite in 2004, now called the Strauss Group, currently employs approximately 14,000 employees worldwide. It operates 27 production sites in 22 countries and cooperates with several multinational corporations such as Danone, PepsiCo, and Haier.Photos: Adir Yeziref.