Hanukkah happily played in the Home of the Holocaust survivors

Friday, December 11, 2015

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Month of Kislev also already arrived and with him came to us and Chanukah holiday is the light overcomes the darkness , is a holiday that occurred in December, which we are commanded to open all the pockets and hearts … Hanukkah is an eight -day holiday , happy holiday especially which we light the candles , eating donuts and more , also House hot Holocaust survivors ” of the” friend a helping hand ” , and every day of the festival were many groups varied delight to sing dance and eat donuts together with the residents of Beit hot Holocaust Survivors ” of the” friend a helping hand ” in Haifa, Kiryat grace .

כתבה הבאה: חיילי "מארינס" של הצי השישי האמריקאי ותלמידי "ליאו באק" התארחו ב"בית החם לניצולי השואה"
כתבה קודמת: Thousands of food parcels for Rosh Hashanah were distributed to the needy in an enormous operation by the ‘Yad Ezer Lechaver’ Foundation