The ‘Yad Ezer Lechaver’ Foundation was established in the year 2001 in response to the difficult economic situation in Israel. The primary goal was to provide for the basic existential needs of the struggling classes of society so that they would be able to live their lives in dignity.

Over time the activity for additional needs expanded. In addition to the soup kitchens, which dispensed hundreds of hot meals each day, blankets, furniture, electrical appliances, clothing, etc. were also dispensed thanks to donations received from individuals and companies.

Following this, a need was identified to address the issue of children living in danger.

The foundation established the ‘Children’s home’ in Neve David. Children and teenagers from families in distress come to the home after hours of classes. At the Children’s Home the children receive a hot meal, help with homework and a range of enrichment activities.

With time a vast number of requests began to come to the foundation from Holocaust survivors in need, who every month were forced to deliberate over the question – whether to buy medication or instead buy food, and sometimes they were not able to pay their rent. As a result of this, the foundation established a village of kindness spread across two roads in the neighbourhood of Hadar in Haifa. It is a ‘Warm Home’ in which around 100 needy Holocaust survivors live, residing in rooms adapted to their needs. In each fully furnished room there is an orthopedic bed, a panic button and electronics. The residents of the ‘Warm Home’ receive three full meals a day, a cleaning service, psychological counseling, nursing care, dental treatments, and also social activities on a fixed basis.

A substantial number of the Holocaust survivors are over 90 years old. Each Holocaust survivor has a chilling and touching story. Each one of them carries scars from the past, which was only worsened by the eglect they suffered over many years on the part of the establishment.

The foundations of the ‘Warm Home’ are based on love and embracing. The foundation’s volunteers and staff dedicate their efforts day and night for the sake of the survivors. All of the survivors without exception state that their quality of life has changed drastically since they came to the ‘Warm Home’.

The foundation also supports elderly people and survivors that do not live in the ‘Warm Home’ and who are not able to provide by themselves for their own needs in their homes.

The foundation also has a further home, which is divided into small living spaces which house the homeless who were referred to the home by social welfare; as is the case for the mentally disabled who come to the foundation for rehabilitation.

The foundation’s extensive activity is made possible by donations and volunteers, without whom it would not be possible to carry out the vision and the goals of the foundation.

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