On the eve of the new school year: Hundreds of high-end computers, school bags and thousands of toys were distributed by the "Yad Ezer L’Haver" organization to children from low-income, underprivileged families

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  3. On the eve of the new school year: Hundreds of high-end computers, school bags and thousands of toys were distributed by the "Yad Ezer L’Haver" organization to children from low-income, underprivileged families

Yad Ezer L’Haver charity moves into high gear as the new school year approaches. Never a dull moment for the many volunteers of the association in our Goodwill compound on Kassel Street, Haifa as the new school year is already upon us, opening on Tuesday, September 1, 2020. There’s no denying this back-to-school season is unconventional. We know the school year is starting out different: whether that’s in-person, distance learning or hybrid, school will start one way or another.This different non-traditional school year has inspired us to initiate raising of a large, respectable and impressive quantity of donations: hundreds of luxury computers, hundreds of well-equipped schoolbags as well as thousands of toys of all kinds that have been distributed these days and still continue to be distributed to children with special needs, children from low-income families, families of single mothers and needy children.As the opening day of the new school year approaches, the demand for computers and school bags constantly increases. The operations center established by the association's founder and CEO, Mr. Shimon Sabag, a month ago has been prepared well in advance and continues to work day and night, filling the schoolbags with masses of notebooks and pencil cases and distributing the schoolbags and toys to soon make their way to as many children from needy and incapacitated families throughout Haifa and the northern area as possible.The Yad Ezer L’Haver trucks sweep through the Haifa neighbourhoods including: Sha'ar Ha'aliya, Bat-Galim, Kiryat Shprintzak, Neve Yosef and Neve David, distributing computers, school bags and toys. Mr. Shimon Sabag Founder and CEO of Yad Ezer L’Haver in Haifa, stated: "Unfortunately, the effects of social inequality and economic gap in Israel are only widening and there are many families who cannot afford to buy a new computer or even a school bag. Along with students who come to school equipped from head to toe with a new smartphone, designer clothes and new gadgets, there will also be those who have an old and tattered bag, an empty pencil case, a sandwich or a bottle of water, all due to severe financial hardship.As the situation looks today, we are going to see a surge in new poor people, who had a livelihood before the Corona crisis and were pushed into poverty. Lately we started to see hundreds of new people we had never seen before and are now shouldering a very heavy economic burden turn to us for help every day, those who have never asked for help at all and are ashamed to ask.Unfortunately, the six months corona pandemic in Israel has pushed more and more Israelis into poverty this year and we at Yad Ezer L’Haver will do everything we can to help and assist them. We have already distributed about 200 new high-end computers equipped with a carrying case to children with special needs and children from distressed families, as our emphasis is always on these underprivileged kids. But unfortunately, lately we experience a daily increasing high demand from once stable families for urgent help. I will make every effort to distribute another additional 300 computers to kids in Israel.Furthermore, hundreds of school students in Haifa, will receive new school bags with all the required equipment and writing instruments: notebooks, pencil cases, writing tools, notepads, pens, pencils, sharpeners, erasers and all the equipment required for the student. The school bags are of course orthopedic, of the highest quality and made by leading companies in the country. For many years I have been advocating the slogan "a school bag for every child" and for over 3 decades I have been distributing schoolbags. I hope to continue to fulfill this important and sacred task for many more good years as long as I can, I would like to thank all the donors and volunteers who steadily and without hesitation help me implement this important and sacred project.Meanwhile, Ms. Sigal Zioni, VP of Operations and Fundraising of Yad Ezer L’Haver, arrived with schoolbags equipped with all the equipment required for a student at one of the educational institutions. During the distribution of the schoolbags, Ms. Zioni said: "In light of the corona epidemic that has thrown tens of thousands of new families into a particularly significant and difficult economic crisis, opening the school year is challenging and different and requires extensive support and assistance. All the staff in the association are working around the clock to respond."So if you too want to help and assist the "Yad Ezer L’Haver" organization with the distribution of as many computers and school bags to needy children as possible, this is the time and this is the moment, this is the order of day! … Do not hesitate, for donations call our center by phone: *8602, for donations you can click here!Photo: Oxana Shlomov, Adir Yeziref, Joe Luciano.